Why you should have a writing community

A journal that has Hope Writers written on it

Becoming a writer is a process. First, you have to accept that you are a writer and be willing to admit that—out loud!—to people. That can be scary at first, especially if the people around you don’t get it.

But once you’re committed to it and begin writing, things are fun and exciting! You get to write what you love and really enjoy yourself.

However, if you find yourself putting your words “out there”—maybe physically in someone’s hands, or on a blog, or elsewhere on the Internet—and are getting frustrated by the lack of response, views, and comments, you’re not writing for yourself anymore. You’re writing for a reader.

If that’s the case for you, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that you get to serve your reader and present them with a gift! How wonderful to have something to share that will help others.

The bad news is that you can’t do this alone anymore. Writing may seem like a solitary act, but you need people to keep you accountable and encourage you, to teach you, and to train you. You need to meet people and make connections in order to get your name and your work in front of the right people.

You need a community.

I’ve recently joined one and it’s such a welcoming, and more importantly informative, place! Hope*Writers is a community of writers who can interact with each other by offering support, advice, and camaraderie. They even have smaller groups called Hope*Circles where instead of everyone at large interacting, just a small group of 5 to 8 people work together to improve their own and each others’ writing.

The best part about the Hope*Writers community is their large library of resources, where you can plan your career as a writer and learn which steps to take next, and watch videos from experts in the field (published authors, literary agents, editors, etc.). The days of Googling how to handle this or that aspect of your writing career are over! All of the information is immediately available upon sign up, so you can work through the material at your own pace. It allows you to focus on the material most relevant to the stage of writing you’re in now, but have access to the stages you plan to reach next.

A journal that has Hope Writers written on it
Not sure which stage you’re in? You can take the test here.

If you want to know more, you can go to this Open House page and watch the live video they did where they interviewed several members and talked about the experience you’ll receive upon signing up. You can also watch more members’ stories here to see if their testimonials help you decide if this community is right for you.

It’s certainly an investment, but it’s an investment in your future as a writer. And if you’ve considered writer conferences, which can easily cost you $1,000 for a couple of days (conference ticket, travel costs, hotel fees, etc.), isn’t a whole year of content you can access any time you want for less than half the price worth it? I definitely think so! But if you want to just dip your toe in, you can sign up for a month and cancel right after. It’s a much more manageable amount that way.

You can sign up here: Join Hope*Writers! I’m sure you have questions (I did, too, when I first heard about them), so check out this link. They can send you the answers to their most frequently asked questions.

You’ll need to act quickly though!

Hope*Writers only opens their doors a couple of times a year. They do this so that when the doors are closed they can focus solely on serving their members. Right now the doors are open, but they’ll close at the end of this week—Friday, January 25 is your last chance to sign up until they open for new members again several months from now. Sign up now before it’s too late!

But maybe this is too much too soon for you. Not ready to commit yet? That’s okay! You can still benefit. Hope*Writers has released a free publishing guide which you can download here. It’s completely free!

If you join Hope*Writers I’ll see you there! And if you’re not ready to join just yet, I sincerely hope you can build a writing community to support you and help you along your writing journey.

Disclaimer: I am a part of the Hope*Writers affiliate program. All images belong to Hopewriters.com