Five reasons why I love reading

Teen girl reading a book in a meadow

Photo via Visualhunt.

I love being a writer and creating stories. They tend to mill about in my head for a while before I can spill them out onto paper, and I thoroughly enjoy both processes. But I also LOVE being a reader! Learning new things, feeling different emotions, riding the high of a great story completed… there are many reasons I enjoy it. Here are just five things I love about reading.


Immersing myself in a book so deeply that when I’m interrupted, I have to get my bearings again before I can function properly in the real world. It feels like someone put a pair of funny goggles on me because the real world looks strange and feels foreign. Or when I have book “hangover” after finishing a novel and can’t move on until I’ve fully processed the emotional experience I just went through.


Being able to explore other countries, cultures, and time periods without consequence. Well, the consequences are that they expand my worldview, which is a good thing, rather than a financial and scientific impossibility (pricey airfare tickets, inventing time travel, etc.).


Stories aren’t static because I’M not static. I can enjoy a book multiple times because with each read I catch things I missed before—either because I didn’t know the upcoming plot twists, which I now know, or because I’ve had more life experience than the last time I read it, and so can understand or relate better to the material than I could before.


I don’t mind having to wait. In fact, waiting in a long line or at a place of business that’s behind schedule (doctor’s office, hair salon, restaurant, etc.) means more time to read! As a student growing up in Japan, I would use my daily commute on the train to read 2 or 3 books a week. I’ve got young kids now, so I don’t have the time to read at that pace anymore. But any time I get to pull out my book while waiting feels like a vacation!


No matter how much I read there will always be more great books to read. I’ll never run out. I’ll never be bored.

There are so many more reasons I love to read, but I’ll end the list here. How about you? Do you agree with my list? Are there other reasons you love to read? While you’re at it, tell me what your favorite book is so I can add it to my “to read next” list. As for my favorite, I love so many I can’t just pick one! But here are some that I particularly like and have reread may times.