Another project crossed off of my list

To-do list.

Photo via Flickr under CC License.

In May of last year I was asked to write a two-part article for a local magazine that publishes quarterly. Due dates for each half were in July and September. “No problem,” I said. The project seemed pretty light and the due dates were far off. Never mind that I had a nursing baby and a toddler, two part time jobs, and a couple of freelance design projects going on. “I can do this,” I said.

And I did do it. But because of a bit of procrastination on my part (ah! babies and jobs and ahhh!) and some delays on the magazine’s part (they decided to skip an issue, so the second article’s publication date was pushed back), I was able to finally finish the last round of edits this week. No more going back and forth with the editor. What’s been approved will now be printed.

From the “would you?” e-mail until the last “approved for publication” e-mail, exactly 1 year and 11 days has passed. Much longer than I anticipated back when I said, “Yes.”

It feels so great to have another project done! One by one I’m moving things off my plate, either by going back to decline something I initially agreed to or by completing the project. I am determined to get things done this year and to get back to zero outside obligations, so I can tackle some personal projects I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Between work and little kids, there is never time for hobbies! (Case in point: this poor, neglected blog.)

Any accomplishments you’d like to boast about? I love crossing things off of my list of to-dos or goals. Such a rush! What have you crossed off lately?